Winterize Your Skin

December 08, 2010

By Katrice 

My poor hands and feet have been taking a beating in this unusually chilly weather. I'm constantly gobbing extra moisturizer on my lips, face and elbows, and my skin is still begging for more. No more cutesy scented lotions and balms ... it's time to pull out the big guns. Enjoy a little tenderness with these tried and true hydrators.

Nivea Creme, $1, at your local drug store
Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Skin Salve, $25, Nordstrom
lime life 4ever oil, $22,
Shea It Isn't So, $15, Bath & Bodyworks
Philosophy Hope in a Jar, $38, Sephora
Love Butter, $18,

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  1. How did you know? I was checking out the heels of my feet last night and it made me shame...what about your feet??? I need some help.......

  2. The Shea It Isn't So from B&B in the second row is A-MAZING! Your feet will be soooo happy.


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