MVL Radar: Atlanta Weddings for the Modern, Stylish, Chic Bride

December 29, 2010

By Katrice

Any time I'm in the company of Gail Johnson and Hester Parks, the duo that makes up Wedding Soiree, I start imagining weddings. I follow their tweets and imagine weddings. I read their blog and, yes, I think of what I'll want for my wedding. Meet them, and you'll understand it a natural reaction. They are wedding planners par excellence. Wedding Soiree and their events have been featured on Platinum Weddings, Get Married and CBS Better Mornings in Atlanta as well as in numerous publications, including: Martha Stewart Weddings and BRIDESAnd now they've found a way to share their expertise with brides everywhere -- especially those orchestrating their own weddings in Atlanta. Their book, Atlanta Weddings for the Modern, Stylish, Chic Bride, will be released on on Jan. 4th. This essential style manual is a step-by step guide to creating flawless weddings through how-to advice, insider's secrets and virtually every nugget a bride (and groom) should consider. 

Want a sneak peek? Keep reading ... 

MVL: How did this project arise? And how did you determine what would be covered in the book?
Hester: We were trying to figure out how we could set ourselves apart from the rest of the wedding industry in Atlanta … and there was no one else doing a book on planning a wedding specifically in Atlanta. We also wanted to put a different spin on it. [Atlanta Weddings] is not the traditional wedding book but a coffee table book that offers lots of tips specifically about Atlanta so that anybody could pick it up, and come to Atlanta and use it as a guide to plan their own wedding.

MVL: What type of how-to advice will someone who purchases the book will enjoy?
Hester: It varies. We cover all points of a wedding and how they relate to Atlanta. There are insider tips about the local weather and venues. For example, we tell you to think about the pollen count and your guest allergies when you consider having your wedding in Atlanta. That’s a very important influencing factor here. We give insights on the hotel districts, as well.

MVL: If you could choose one chapter of the book and expand it into a full project of it's own, what would that be?
Hester: That would definitely be the Atlanta local flavor chapter. We really focus on homegrown factors like transportation, where to get your marriage license, attractions and more.

MVL: What's in/out for weddings in 2011?
Hester: Incorporating your own personal style and your style as a couple into your wedding is in. Themes are out. 

MVL: Two hot wedding trends for 2011?
Hester: Belting the wedding dress and ladies doing dress changes.

Pre-order your copy of Atlanta Weddings for the Modern, Stylish, Chic Bride at for just $25. 

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  1. I love the pride shown in this publication. Atlanta is definitely a place of elegance for a wedding.

  2. If I were getting married in Atlanta I'd definitely pick it up - adding it to the gift list for a friend. Thanks for keeping us up to speed!

  3. Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

    - David


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