Big Things ... Small Packages

December 05, 2010

By Katrice 

Ahhh, stocking stuffers; the gifts that keep on giving. So much to choose from and 19 more days to shop. Have fun with it!

1. Nassjo candlestick holder, Ikea, $3.99, 2. Fur Booty Slippers, Target, $19, 3. Emilie Sloan Cosmetic Bag,, $20, 4. Hematite Bling Bow Bracelet, Hot Topic, $12, 5. Rosette Knit Headband, Forever 21, $3, 6. Fleur de Lys Effervescent Moisture Bath,, $8, 7. Zebra Pashmina Shawl,, $21, 8. Bormioli Rocco Individual Tea Set,, $21.89, 9. Pink body mist set, Victoria Secret, $25, 10. Barnes & Noble gift card

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  1. I love every item enough to be honest & know that I wouldnt even put it in anyone's stocking except for my own!!!! LOL

  2. I really want the booty slippers. ; )


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