{Spotted} Natural Hair Care Haul at Target

December 30, 2010

By Katrice

I consider this selection pretty exceptional since it was an endcap display at the Target in Alpharetta, and the prices were quite affordable. Very good.

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  1. They had this same display at my local Target. I can't even tell you how long I stood there. LOL.

  2. Tar-get is my happy place. Whenever I feel the need to shop that will create happy moments I ALWAYS find it at my Tar-get.......and yes I was in awe of the moment when I saw my own personal shelf catered to me. I felt that they did it just for me & wanted to surprise me as I ventured to pick up some soy milk. Love that Tar-get...........

  3. Target has become my hair care store - surprise, surprise!!!

  4. I live in Alpharetta, i'll definitely check it out.


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