MVL Radar: Crux New York

December 13, 2010

By Katrice

In their words, a desire to share their vision and complex style with a broad audience propelled Crux New York creators, Sennie Clark and Ahyiana Angel, to expand their hobby of revamping pieces and experimenting with unique accessories into a fashion forward reality. In mine: Genius. Crux New York accessories are so many things ... all of them good. If you want soft. Crux New York has soft. If you love a splash of color. Crux New York has that too. Each piece is intricate and bold -- with a one-of-a kind flair. You know I'm all about the statement piece. These NYC-based designers have mastered that in a line of exacted offerings that will send a defining message about whomever is wearing one of their creations. And they communicate it quite well in the Crux slogan. "Crux, for the diva that does not follow the trends...she sets the trends." Sennie, Ahyiana and the rest of their team chatted with me -- about their show-stopping pieces -- just in time to make your wishlists for Christmas.

Your jewelry is fascinatingly delicate and edgy at the same time. Where do you look for inspiration?
Sennie: My inspiration comes from the energy and life swirling around me in the city. New York has so many unique things to experience that it constantly keeps your mind clicking about what’s next. Sometimes inspiration for a piece will hit me while I’m roaming the streets or in mid-conversation at a restaurant. It’s crazy that way but I love it!

Angel: I’ve always been the type to dream up fantasy outfits but I never really tried to make them a reality so when I started experimenting with making accessories I realized that the possibilities were endless with what materials I could use and how crazy I could get. Sometimes my inspiration comes from an outfit that I’m planning to wear, a funky piece of art that I may see at a gallery, or simply my mood. My mind can be all over the place sometimes so the city is the perfect setting for me to channel what I experience into my designs.

Who wears CruxNY?
Sennie: People that are unique, confident, and like to stand out wherever they go. A Cruxy Sassy woman is fly and she knows it yet she is still humble. So many of our customers come back to us and rave about the attention that they get when they wear CruxNY and they love it! Some have even commented that they feel like a different person, alter ego maybe.  

Since your pieces are one-of-a-kind, how are you able to resist them yourselves?
Angel: We can’t! I guess that is why we design because we create what we like and honestly, sometimes we are like little kids on Christmas Day and can’t wait to wear a new creation. It’s a great feeling when you wear your pieces and people stop you on the street because they enjoy them as much as you do.

What are some of your favorite materials to create with?
Sennie: We have no limits when it comes to what we work with, we will try almost anything. Sometimes things work out the way we envision and sometimes they don’t. The materials that we favor would have to be leather, metal chains and ornate pendants/beads.
Give my male readers a couple must-haves from the CruxNY boutique for their wives and girlfriends this Christmas?

Casidy: These earrings are bold yet simple enough that a lady can easily pair them with items that she already owns. 

Eden: The great thing about these dramatic earrings is that they can be worn as a pair or your lady can wear just one to spice things up and get a bit edgy. 

Slate: Statement necklaces will never be wrong in a woman’s wardrobe so this piece would make an all around great gift no matter the woman or her personal style.

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