On Holiday

December 15, 2010

By Katrice 

I'm counting down the days until my two-week vacation. So many plans and plenty of time to do everything I've been imagining with a little foresight. I have curated a list of restaurants to try, movies to see, makeup tricks to master, places to explore, sales to catch. (Yes, I will be shopping. I've already seen deals way too good to pass up.) I guess it's a fitting way to spend the weeks leading up to my blog's first birthday, considering that it was born out of my desire to get back to actively enjoying my city and the things I love most about life. It worked! If you're looking forward to something similar over the next week ... find me here.  

Souper Jenny
Okay, so I've already been to Souper Jenny but my first visit there was an impromptu lunch meetup, and I was not prepared to blog about the food. But the food (the Pasta Salad with sundried tomato pesto, artichoke hearts and spinach all by itself) warrants a blog all its own.  

Truffles Cafe
I'm pretty serious about my Southwestern salads. So any place with one on the menu is on radar for the near future. 

West Egg Cafe
I love a good brunch menu.

Farm Burger
I've never been but the promise of 100% grass-fed burgers has my attention.

My City
If you're free on Dec. 21st, stop by the Mansion on Peachtree between 6 and 9 p.m. for the The Black Latino Council's 2010 Power Players of the Year reception. They named me a Power Player! 

AFRICAN ORIGINS: Africa's History in a Name
Part of the African Origins Portal, rare photographs of Africans freed from slaving vessels, alongside nineteenth-century registers documenting liberated African's names. I'm really looking forward to this free exhibit at the Robert W. Woodruff Library - Emory University.

Ice Rink at Centennial Olympic Park
I'm a little nervous about this one, but I am going to try ice skating. Any pros out there who can show up and assist me? 

A Little Light Shopping
My mom will be here and we both love great consignment and thrift finds, so we'll make our rounds to a short list of shops.
Stylish Consignments 
Sugga's Thrift Boutique

Makeup Party!
I've been trying to recapture the look that brilliant MUA and friend Londyn (of The Artistry Londyn) created for my first MVL photoshoot. So, I'm hoping to bring you a tutorial and makeup shopping guide with Londyn very soon. In the meantime, I'll be working on my daytime smokey eye and false lash application as well as surfing youtube for some other handy tip and tricks. If you have any favorite channels, feel free to suggest!

Image: H&M Magazine

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  1. The African Origins exhibits sounds great- wish I could attend & the outfits look fab!

  2. Come on down D! I keep saying that when you comment. lol

  3. Your vacation sounds fun Miss Katrice...I need to try some of these things!!

  4. Ash, you should join me for ice skating! : )


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