Welcome to my life. My name is Katrice L. Mines and I'm the Public Relations Manager for Invest Atlanta by day and blogger of My Vicarious Life in my downtime.

My Vicarious Life is a lifestyle blog that explores personal development, style, beauty, travel and wellness, and that endeavors to inspire. What you're reading is actually the expression of what I enjoy most in life. MVL is where I share my zeal for spectacular places to travel, self-care, my zest for knowledge and growth, and everything beauty ... I'm obsessed with finding the perfect products for my hair, the perfect lip gloss and perfect balance to my life. I realize that there is no perfect balance, but I try. MVL is ultimately the best of life, one beautiful moment at a time.

I love to inspire others to pursue their best lives. As a writer and woman of the world, my interest in black women's wellness has been the compelling force behind many of my personal and pursuits over the years. In 2004, I founded Inspiring Excellence, an enrichment program for African-American adolescent girls in Ohio that I ran for two years. I was the editor of Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine for 13 years through which I was able to use my intellectual fortitude to develop and steer critical coverage, analysis of and resource to black professionals and people in business through precise and well-considered monthly editorial content. I am passionate about affirming people and bringing out the best in those around me  virtually and in person. I hope that something you read here is not only useful but leaves you feeling increased.


Email: Info@myvicariouslyfe.com

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