Fresh Perspective

June 02, 2010

By Katrice
Every so often nothing in my closet interests me. Sometimes, I feel that mood building. Other times, I don't; I just wake up one morning and trying to find something to wear is torturous. And the crazy thing is that it seems an impossible conundrum ... me standing in my closet like Alice in Wonderland. I can hear Andre Leon Talley in my mind exclaiming, "It's a famine of beauty ... my eyes are starving for beauty!" I know I'm dramatic, but I'm positive someone out there can relate. Then, just when I'm at my wits end, ready to run out and spend money on something I probably already have, I realize that I haven't spent any dedicated inspiration time with my favorite magazines. Today was that day. 

I'm feeling better already.
I think the more recent versatility of my hair has sparked an obsession with ornamental hair accessories. I'm all about the jewels, bows and flowers. 

A peplum jacket is perfect for every season. I'm definitely planning to work one in with a cocktail dress for dinner sometime this summer. 

Peep toe platform Mary Janes speak for themselves.

This just may be the summer I try a mini skirt!

I'm a nude polish girl. But putty polish is just plain rockstar fabulous.

My friend Kam has definitely opened my mind to mixing prints. Now, to make it believable. 

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  1. I can sooo relate to this post, K! I have been there many times. You are killing me with the ALT reference :-).

  2. You know I am a lover of all things blazer/jacket related :-)! Great post ... always looking for (more) inspiration.

  3. I was staring at my closet saying to myself this is the season I will conquer some of those fashion fears. AND here is the blog that reinforces that. Thanks Katrice! PS Ya think this girl could rock a mini - with chic style??

  4. Absolutely S. Nicole! Check out Big Girl in a Skinny World by Ashley Falcon (Marie Claire, June 2010). She's making that mini look like she was the muse of it's designer

  5. Katrice you make it sound so EASY.....WELL I am going to rock it for the Maxwell & Jill Scott concert. I'll make sure that I will share the photos via FB for you to see. OH MY wish me luck! :)


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