Get That Glow

June 22, 2010

By Katrice
I love makeup. Call it high maintenance, girly ... whatever. It's all likely applicable, relatively speaking. A few new shades each season, tips from the pros in my fav magazines; I love it all! I've gotten so into it, thanks to a couple of makeup artist friends, that you'd think I was an artist myself by the looks of my stash and brushes. Think: 20 different shades of pink lip gloss. (It's a seemingly endless search for the perfect one.) I'm still getting there though. 

In the meantime, here are just a few of my fav tips and tricks for Summer 2010.

Set your makeup with mist.  Artists swear by it for a freshened, energized and natural-looking finish. Just spray it on after your make-up to add a touch of radiance.

Put a summer spin on your smokey eye. According to CoverGirl, when it comes to creating a smoky eye makeup look that'll "wow", the trick is to blend, blend, blend!

Ahhhh summer weddings. I don't know very many women who have the nerve to do their own makeup on their wedding day, but Tiffany's DIY tutorial is so glam that you just may want to try. 

Who doesn't want to have a gorgeous complexion??? If you don't know where to begin, take this Complexion 101 quiz and make a smooth transition from winter to summer cover-up and foundation.

Go nude! On your lips, that is. 

Take a break from your blush and bronze it up. The right bronzer can give you a sunkissed glow that you'll be instantly addicted to. Drop by your go-to makeup counter for a quick color match or take your pick of the many brands offered in drugstores. Remember, the right shade is key.

Got some summer makeup tips? Please share!

Happy second day of summer!

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  1. My summer makeup must have is the Covergirl Last Blast Fusion (Black/Brown). My lashes are long, but this mascara makes my eyes pop.

  2. Love the links - Tiffany's posts are great! Took the quiz :-). Thanks for the post!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed her. I feel like watching her has taken my application skills up a notch. :)

  4. I truly loved this post. I believe makeup can totally transform your look & how you feel. AND I love the makeup artist featured for summer weddings. She is so GLAM!!!!!! Thanks Katrice for sharing. Personally I can attest that misting after makeup application does give you a "dewy" finish.


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