MVL Style Icon: Nia Long

June 04, 2010

By Katrice 

I don't know one woman my age who doesn't marvel at Nia Long's chameleon-like fire. Each time we find her on the cover of a magazine or on the red carpet, our reaction is the same -- she is just fly! For me, Nia has always been relatable. From long to short hair, smoldering to nude makeup, edgy to flowy styling ... she'll always be on our radar as an icon of our generation. 

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  1. I like her look more with short hair, but she IS ALWAYS fly no matter what. I also like that she's pretty low key and appears to be grounded. Nothing like a fashion icon who is great inside and out!

  2. I agree with you Katrice! Not many black women of our generation can rock it like Nia. I have always loved her love of all things pretty & edgy. Go Nia! Thanks Katrice..

  3. No matter the make-up or clothes, you can always get a sense of a persons soul. Nia's soul always shines in her movies and interviews so I look at the hair, clothes and make-up as accents to her shining inner being. Shine on Nia!


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