Fab Find: Hard Love Apparel Tees

June 06, 2010

By Katrice

My go-to pieces of clothing -- T-shirts and tank tops. If I could wear one or the other every day, I would without hesitation. And thank goodness for the reality of pairing them with a cardigan or blazer and scarf for year-round wardrobe status, and chunky jewelry, pearls and stilettos to shake things up.They're my simple pleasures. So, when I find one that is uniquely me, I snatch it up. HardLoveApparel has got me hooked. This Etsy designer's tees are inspired by her love of art and edgy fashion with every item hand-dyed, painted, or altered with precision. And the best part: No two items are alike. I think I've found T-shirt heaven. 

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  1. Love the tie and pearl t's. Great recommendation!

  2. Are these Tees great! My favorites are the one with the pearls and the other with the X.

  3. I just favorited her shop. Etsy is getting more and more hard to resist by the day. Thank you!

  4. Etsy really is irresistible. I want to discover more, but I need not!


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