MVL Style Icon: Tawanna Aimiuwu

May 27, 2010

By Katrice 

I certified Tawanna quintessentially natural at the first sight of her afro. Her hair was everything I envisioned when I set out to transition my own coif -- earthy, regal ... unapologetically fierce and I've been following her every move since. 

I feel like I learned to be natural from her.~

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  1. You certainly picked a beautiful nappy head for your inspiration. Thanks for sharing with your readers what we already knew at She's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous ~ great pick!!!! I love the transition pics.

  3. Classy lady! Beautiful hair!

  4. Love it! Great inspiration! :)

  5. Agreed, her style is fierce and warm spirited too!!

    Beautiful photos!


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