Flight Plan

June 25, 2010

By Katrice

Before today, I have done little that I would describe as adventurous. That was then, this is now. I took an introductory flight lesson with Shane from American Flyers today. It was so wildly outside of the box for me, that I'm still not sure of how to encapsulate my experience. But, as with all of my adventures ... I'm glad I tried it. Next time, find me in the passenger seat.

Lots of pics. xo
Flight simulation training
Flying around Stone Mountain
What a beautiful view. (Thinking I could sell these as postcards.)
Buzzing the Gold Dome

Thank goodness we made it back in one piece. 
A celebratory lunch at The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant with trusty photog, friend Kam. 
Restaurant-made potato chips
Light cotton tee, Forever21
Cargo pants, Express
Sandals, Old Navy

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  1. Wow, that's amazing - good for you!

  2. So very brave of you!!!!!

  3. I am a little late but I am in awe that you definitely stepped outside of your comfort zone. I think life is meant to take chances - even when you feel uncomfortable about it. That is where growth takes place.

  4. You're incredible! What an experience. Thats one for the books, sis! Did you do it all in those heels?!!:-)

  5. I literally ran off the runway during simulation training because of the heels. I told the instructor, "excuse me, I have flats in my bag." LOL


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