30 Days of Truth | Day 24

May 28, 2012

By Katrice

Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. 

This past weekend was my family reunion here in Atlanta. It was such a great time and I woke up this morning thinking about how much I enjoyed my younger cousins being around. Up until this reunion, I always said "my little cousins," but yesterday  as they trickled in to my uncle's house from being out and about around the city  I realized that they are all grown up. They have graduated from college, begun careers and started their own families ... and are bringing up the rear strong. I understand that many of them see me as stern and expecting a lot, but I hope they know that it's because I know they are more than capable. And that greatness is within them. Period.  I'm proud of them. So, I've decided to do a playlist for my not so little cousins  the "whippers."  

1. Keep Your Head | Kirk Franklin {I believe each of you can do and have anything you desire out of life.}

2. Count It All Joy | The Winans {We come from an incredible legacy, and when life presents its challenges ... just think of how our elders overcame.}

3. To Be Young, Gifted and Black | Donny Hathaway {Speaks for itself.}

4. What's Going On | Marvin Gaye {There is nothing new under the sun ... I want you to be aware of what is happening around you and understand that you too have influence.}

5. Perfect Love | The Winans {No matter how much I challenge you, understand that it is all in love.}

6. So Much Things to Say | Lauryn Hill {The generation behind my age group of peer cousins is so much quieter than us, but I know you have much to say.}

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  1. What an excellent playlist Katrice! I'm not your little cousin, but I felt like they were for me as well :-).

  2. Just the fact that you chose your cousins! I will be having the few I do have "interning with me for the summer- great idea for them- thanks!


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