30 Days of Truth | Day 6

May 09, 2012

By Katrice

Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope I never have to bury another close family member. It's inevitable, right? I know. But, that doesn't stop me from hoping. When my aunt died in 2004, I didn't think I'd be able to recover from that. And I realize that no matter how much a person tries to prepare, the way death changes you is too profound to truly conceive. 

I hope I never have to give up ice cream. 

I hope I never have to endure another relationship with a man whose motives are around trying to change me.

I hope I never have to clean up vomit. 

I hope I never have to shovel snow, especially involving digging my car out of a snow pile. {lol}

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  1. Death is inevitable, but as much as we know that, it doesn't take away the shock, hurt and pain of losing a close loved one. I hope I never have bury my momma, and I hope she never has to bury me...so unrealistic, lol.

    Ceaning up vomit is the worst!

    I'm eating ice cream right now, so I surely hope to never give it up!

  2. I hope I never have to give up icecream either it is a staple in my diet lol

  3. I hope I never have to give up ice cream too. And I hope I never have to fell like I have to change who I am for anyone or anything!

  4. #1-Specifically for me, my husband,children, or grandchildren ... unimaginable. JESUS!

    #4-TOO GROSS!


  5. Never having to clean up vomit- Well there will be a strong possibility when the "adopting a child" happens. It is one of the privileges of motherhood LOL -(and hopefully not your own too if you were as sick as I was when I was pregnant!)


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