30 Days of Truth | Day 8

May 11, 2012

By Katrice

Someone who treated you like crap.

I dated a guy who broke up with me in the airport. Just typing that made me chuckle because it sounds like something from a movie. But, it's a true story and I didn't see it coming, which was pretty crappy. His explanation was that his family didn't think I was right for him; also crappy. I assure you, I'm better off without him and them. If I didn't have class, I'd name him here. But, just knowing now that he now realizes his mistake and has tried to no avail to win me back is satisfaction enough.

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  1. Omg in an airport! Nooooooo! You are way better off w/I him.

  2. To the left, to the left! LOL Rejection: natures process for selective elimination

  3. Yes! Isn't it dramatic? I'm surely better off.

  4. Wow, you should totally make a movie or book from that one Katrice! I'm glad he realized the err in his ways because you are fabulous!!

  5. I've been there. It's insane how they ALWAYS want you back when they realize the grass isn't greener. His loss!

  6. They always come back! Though, I'm super shocked that he would considering he broke up with you in an airport! Thank God you dodged that bullet, huh?

  7. When I think back on that time, I'm so grateful that it ended because the way it ended showed what he was capable of. Whew!


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