The Trends to Keep

August 09, 2010

By Katrice

There's always that one trend that comes around for each of us that we continue to love even after insiders say that it's no longer "in style." I don't consider myself trendy, but I love to shop and I love fashion, and those two realities combined can be a vacuum of sorts. Surely, I'm trendy at some point. But, what separates me is that I often fashion what others would wear as a momentary fad into a staple in my repertoire, if I really love it. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this. So, if you're like me, you're glad about a few trends that are still showing up hot off the press after last season. Here's a few of my favs. 

1 The Oversize Mens Style Watch

2 The Boyfriend Blazer
H&M Blazer, $29.95

3 The Casual Clutch
Mink Geo Print Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, $29

4 Booties

5 Scarves
Gothic Clothing Arabian Scarf, Chaotic Clothing, $7

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  1. Will always love my clutches and scarves!!! :-)

  2. Love booties and yes, glad for the scarves! ~ StarQ

  3. Sabrina, I'm a summer wardrobe lover but I do enjoy scarves and Star booties are the absolute best!


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