Toye Adedipe's Men's Style Picks for Fall

August 22, 2010

By Katrice
I heart men's fashion almost as much as women's. Each season, I build a portion of my professional attire to reflect the clean structure of menswear. It's not fussy but can be equally as pulled together (see here). I sometimes envy the ease with which my brothers can throw on a T-shirt or button-down, jeans and canvas bottoms, and look like they've stepped right out of an ad campaign. But, enough about my menswear needs. This post is dedicated to my male readers. Atlanta-based celebrity stylist Toye Adedipe was kind of enough to join me with his men's style picks for the fall. In his words, Toye's bio is pretty straight-forward: "I'm a Fashion + Wardrobe Stylist ... Happily." But he's a lot more than that. He's styled Mary Mary, Chilli, Eva Pigford and Fantasia, amongst others, and worked in editorial and television wardrobing. His online boutique,
The Circa Shop, is stocked with swank accessories. And if you need ... he'll avail his professional services for a consult and even organize your closet. Consider this a teaser.
Leather Motorcycle Jackets! I love a great Motorcycle Jacket; its amazingly versatile and ups the cool factor on any man. I, personally, like the cuts that Zara's Men's Collection carries. The prices are pretty reasonable and unlike most trends make a great update on men of any age. 
The Gold Watch! Its not like the cheesy one your uncle used to wear in the '70s but it is, however, a pleasure piece to capture the eyes of any fashionable trend setter. Michael Kors' is by far one of my favorite watches of the season and for under $300, is a true investment. No pun intended but it's "timeless" :}
PLEASE KILL THE SKINNY! Peep game' ... no one wants to see your "man junk" in a pair of jeans your 13-year-old sister should be wearing in the first place ... (how dare you!?) Instead, opt for a straight-legged jean with a mid to low waist. I go HAM for Double RL by Ralph Lauren. Now, they are a little pricey buuut, if your anything like me, you probably have at least 100 pairs of jeans and only wear 1 or 2 pairs at best. These jeans go "hard" and I promise will be one of your favorites! Plus, they're roomy without being too baggy or loose.
Framed Out! in 20.11. Geeks Win! Amp it up with some non-prescriptive geek glasses from shops like American Apparel or my personal choice -- Urban Outfitters! This is a cool way to look intelligent even if your terminally naive.
Pucker Up! I know ... it's not an article of clothing, but its just as important! Lips are the first thing to go in the dry wintry season and cracked lips can be a deal breaker for anyone. Now, I'm not saying you have to look like a "lil Ma'Ma" music video, but products like All Good Lips have a matte finish that won't make your lips all shiny and slippery to the touch. Not to mention, it's made with ALL organic ingredients so you can rest a little easier knowing that you've saved a Dolphin or two. :)

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  1. If I had to add anything to this list it would be a good pair of casual boots. Redwing, Doc Martens, Clarks desert boots.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one fiending for RRL, but if I had the funds to cop their jeans - I just might consider APC's "New Standard" jeans as well.

  2. Clarks desert boots in Taupe are great!


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