'Do Over

August 24, 2010

By Katrice 

I wasn't planning to post today but I thought this would be a poignant time to do so, considering the un-good hair moment I'm having. I say "un-good" because it's not as wrenching as a bad hair day can be, but my hair is a bit out of sorts. And it is a good example of why I say so often that we must know our hair better than anyone else. 
As I've told you in earlier blogs, I have very dense and spongey hair. But, over the past eight months, I've found a selection of products and procedures that leave my hair wonderfully moisturized and a lot looser than it is immediately after air drying. What I discovered after a twist out using Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue on Sunday night, however, is that it is not a product that my hair responds well to. 
As you can see in the above photos, my hair has shrunken at least two good inches and is actually crunchy after coating each section with a small swipe of the product. A couple things are important here. First, I used it in a way that is not the suggested use; but only after trying all of the Miss Jessie's video and packet techniques for Curly Meringue. Second, I make a point of saying that it is important for you to know your hair because I bought the product at the prompting of a boutique consultant who assured me that it would be "good for my texture." And last, this is not a reflection to bash Curly Meringue, but to show that everyone's hair is different and should be treated as such. Every product is not for every head of hair.
So, what's next? After not liking the first day result, I slept with my hair simply tucked into my satin bonnet so that it would be more afro-ed out today. And tonight my plan is to try a little rehab treatment and see if I can revive it back to it's usual state. The intended process: a dry two strand twist with a little ORS carrot oil. 
We'll see what happens. 

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  1. Thanks for the post! On a visit to the salon, I bought an absurd amount of MJ products ~ NEVER AGAIN. The buttercream worked great when I had about an inch or so of hair, but as my hair got longer it just sat there. I found myself needing more and more to secure my curl. Rapid Recovery got rave reviews from friends - did nothing special for my hair (especially for almost $50!). Meringue holds a two-strand twist for me (actually used it this past weekend) BUT it also makes my hair super dry so I am simply trying to use up the container I have. I do, however, really like Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine. Still pricey, but light and great smell! I have also been using Design Essentials sheen spray for a light shimmer on my way out in the morning. Did a friend's hair a few weeks ago and she uses all Carol's Daughter products. Only thing I liked (she had shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and some other pudding type product) was the pudding type product. Trial and error ~ I tell you it ain't cheap!!!!

  2. I feel like I will need to set aside a special "fund" for hair products. No it's not cheap and I'm finding I have to be in the mood for experimenting or it's a total waste of my time. I am currently using MJ curly pudding and baby buttercream. Right now it's a great combination for my hair, however I feel this may change in the future when my hair is longer. We'll see.............

  3. Yes, figuring out the right mix of product and technique can be very tricky. But, the good thing is that I'm light on products so things last me a long time. Otherwise, I'd need a second job to afford them. : )

  4. Unfortunate, but true! To add to the list - LOL - I also tried Pantene for Women of Color and Just for Me Detangler/Conditioner. STILL no luck!!! The saga continues ....

  5. Agreed! I too tried Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and was very disappointed. My co-worker and I went in half on the product due to the price and we were unsure of how it would turn out and didn't want to feel bad for wasting money in the end. Overall we both were very disappointed, she has natural hair and my hair is somewhat curly and responds well with a leave in conditioner so I thought why not give it a try. Some women swear by Miss Jessie's!...but like you said everyone's hair is different. With MJ pudding my hair was crunchy and I thought well maybe this could be used to substitute a hair gel or Jam as a hold for a ponytail style. My co-worker's hair was dry and crunchy as well. On the flip side the pudding smells great!

    Katrice, I am curious to know if you tried Paul Mitchell's foaming pomade or Kinky Curly products?

  6. I was a Paul Mitchell foaming pomade missionary before going natural. I used it fresh after a wash to wrap my hair and nothing else. I used it as a moisturizer, on my edges instead of gel and everything in between. As soon as I grew my perm out, my hair stopped responding well to it. I have not tried Kinky Curly products yet. One thing I should mention is that how your hair works with leave-in conditioner with a perm is completely different with a natural in many cases (in terms of the curling effect). It can be very misleading.


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