Day 31/Day 91

July 12, 2012

By Katrice

Yesterday was Day 30 of my shopping hiatus. I haven't been in a mall or boutique for 30 days. The novelty of this "No Shopping Challenge" has waned and it just got real. I haven't felt like giving up but yesterday, when I should have been reveling in the thought of having made it an entire month ... I thought of Day 91. lol A couple weeks ago, I told a friend the only two things constantly on my mind to buy were fresh flowers and a pair of hot pink suede platforms. Yesterday, that list suddenly included candles, a long flowy skirt, a few things I imagine are on sale right about now at my beloved H&M, etc., etc. So, I suspect this compilation may be pretty massive by the conclusion of this next 59 days. Day 91 may be a frenzied. 

The good news: I have noted a few interesting tidbits about myself and my blogging lifestyle since I started my challenge.

1. So many things come across my eyes every day because of my consumption of lifestyle and fashion news. And every day, there's at least one thing I want; I realize that subtle advertising works on me. But, 24 hours later, I have forgotten what I wanted a day earlier. I didn't really want it.

2. Bloggers buy as much in 30 days as most buy in 6 months. 

3. Closet editing throughout this type of endeavor is a must. Imagine me standing in my closet tossing skirts, and camis, and blouses and shoes straight up into the air ... Dramatic, but that's about how it's been the past three days. Sometimes, I find something I literally forgot about and other times a piece that should have been edited out long ago. I'm making a concerted effort not to wear my favorite pieces and to really explore all of what I bought because I just had to have it. There will be more donating and consigning this weekend, and less buying "one of it in every color" when this 90 days is up.

From my closet today: Cargo pants {Express} | Long cardigan {H&M} | White Tank {Target} | Heels {MIA} | Watch {Guess} | Neckwear {Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21} | Leopard Scarf | Ring {Vince Camuto} | Bags {Big Buddha & Vintage Louis Vuitton}

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  1. You are really inspiring me Katrice! I too come across things on a daily basis that i instantly feel a "need" for, which is why I have given myself a rule when reading blogs and looking at mags. If I still feel the want for it after a day or two (and my bills are paid), then I will buy it.

    Keep it up my dear!

  2. I'm definitely inspired. I always find goodies and hidden treasures when I seemingly have "nothing" to wear. Doing a challenge like this would definitely teach me how to be more creative with what I already have.

  3. You have no choice now but to carry on because you are triggering a movement lol. I was soooo tempted to go thrifting for a top to go with some pants for a brunch tomorrow. I figured what's the harm it's thrifting (cheap) and only 1 blouse. Then I heard "shop your closet!" in my head!!! I kept trying to make excuses but eventually I yielded and found a great top I already owned. Then I tried to talk myself into getting accessories. Struck out there too because I found the perfect ones in my closet. Keep inspiring us!

  4. Great post!! I am so proud of you. Keep it up :) I plan to slow down with my shopping and get back to my monthly budget for shopping again.


  5. Thank you Rocquelle, Rox-ann and Ashley. It's coming along! : )


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