{In Case You Missed It} MVL Makeup Chat w/ Londyn Juwelz'

July 01, 2012

By Katrice

{Londyn & Me}

Talking about makeup never gets old for me. So, another facebook My Vicarious LifeChat focusing on the subject was a must; the bonus  our the makeup artist at our disposal for the hour-long virtual Q & A was Londyn Juwelz'. Londyn answered our questions about concealer, foundation and eye liner; as always, an amazing discussion. If you missed it, no worries; I had you in mind. Thank you again to Londyn and each amazing MVL fan who participated. Until next time!

Q: I love to use concealer with my foundation  which is Revlon Colorstay. But, I find that in the summer, I only want to use concealer. How do I achieve the same type of fresh look that I get from how foundation evens things out?

The key to accomplishing the fresh look that you want with just your concealer and not both concealer and foundation is using a great moisturizer with SPF and even a bronze for a tint to it as well. Only using concealer in those targeted problem areas.

Q: Everyone has an occasional pimple now and then. I see some women come to set of photo shoots or even everyday, and they have attempted to use foundation or concealer to cover up existing acne or new pimples. What would you recommend to help them with a more polished look instead of piling on the powder?

Londyn: To start powder is a big NO NO when trying to conceal something such as a blemish or pimple. Instead try a cream concealer which will have more coverage. Creams tend to move much better and can be worked into the skin much easier. A powder will just sit on the face and clog the pores.

Q: What is the best way to apply eyeliner to lower lash line?

A: There are many different ways to apply eyeliner. First, determine which form of eyeliner works best for you, i.e.: liquid, contractable, or pencil. Once you've done that half the battle has been done. Simply by applying the liner to the water lid which is can be found but lightly tauting the skin and place pencil at an angle to line the eye. Or directly at the base of your bottom lash lid.

Q: I'm looking for a good foundation, especially as I age, that provides sufficient coverage, but doesn't clog pores. What do you recommend?

A: I would recommend a tinted moisturizing foundation for you Christina. Brands such as Laura Mercier, Cover FX, Bobbi Brown, YSL have amazing tinted moisturizers.They give a light coverage leave skin feeling weightless and radiant!

Q: How do I choose the proper Concealer?

A: Choosing foundation or concealer is definitely a situation where you are going to have to go out and test different colors and brand Donisha. However when choosing a color you should definitely take note to the color consistency. Meaning the color of your perfect concealer or foundation should be consistent on the skin as it is in the package or display. If the color isn't concise ant nine times out often the product or brand isn't any good. Bobbi Brown has and awesome selection of concealers.

Q: How can I achieve the freshness that is Megan Good's face. Her skin is so flawless and even when she has on makeup I feel like there's this dewy greatness that I've never been able to accomplish. I need to know what her secret is (outside of healthy eating/living of course, etc... I got all of that on lock and still haven't been able to get the clean look that she dons daily!) I don't know. Her skin just always looks so clean! 

A: I understand your frustrations totally. However I will be quite honest we live in a world today where everything isn't always what it may seem. The camera (images, video) can play lots of tricks to the natural eye. Yet and still try investing in an illuminator and only applying to apples of cheeks and if that's not enough throw your favorite blush on top. Nars offer the perfect illuminators at Sephora.

Q: I have dry and oily areas on different parts of my face. By the end of the day my face looks really oily, but I don't like the powder look, the setting sprays don't seem to work. Are there any alternatives to achieve a fresh, non-oily look that lasts all day?

A: There is a solution to that you can invest into a translucent compact which won't cause any build up but will take away the shine. Then there's the wax paper toilets that you can use as well or a really good dense makeup sponge. If all else fails take it old school and get your piece of paper towel and lightly douse.

Q: About oily skin ... that's definitely my skin. I think it works as it makes me look dewy, but it also keeps me from moisturizing as I should. I don't know how to balance things out as I'm always fearful that the moisturizer causes more oil with my makeup. Can you suggest a moisturizer for oily skin that works well with a light foundation, or do you suggest I try a tinted moisturizer?

A: In this case, you can go either way. You can definitely invest into a tinted moisturizer or for those that are a little more savvy with preserving our cash you can just take your daily moisturizer and mix it into you cream or liquid foundation. Also, you can never be over moisturized.

Q: I'm intimidated by eyeliner. Any tips on over coming this fear? I'm basically afraid I won't apply it correctly. 

A: As Nike says "just do it;" that's the only way you will overcome and learn. There are no wrongs in makeup! The only wrong is to never trying.. Also there are a plethora of "How to's" to help on the Internet! My the forces of Londyn be with you! 

Q: I don't wear too much make up but usually stick to blush. Although, at this stage I'm very confused as to which is the correct part of my cheeks to put it on, can you help? Also, do you have any favorite blush products/brands?

A: This is a piece of cake. I want you to take you blush in front of the mirror and smile. When you smile the apples of your cheeks should stand prominent and that's where you will place the blush in a circular motion moving backward toward your ear. Start off light and add as you go.

Q: I'm very new to makeup and would like to start wearing it more often, with that being said, I'm wondering how to choose a everyday look that is light but glam?? For someone with very dry skin it seems to me that when i do try to wear makeup it looks very flaky.

A: The best way to accomplish a radiant look as such is first by moisturizing. It's definitely going to be key to getting the look that you displayed of Angela or any look for that matter. In your case you should be over moisturizing. Once in the am and twice in the evening ( once you arrive home, and right before bed).

Q: Any advice on wearing colored eyeliner so it doesn't clash with our eyeshadow?

A: Yes don't! Lol seriously colored eyeliner is something more or a trend fashion look that doesn't portray everyday fresh clean look to the public eye. For me I tend to use colored eyeliner on clients more so for photo shoots or something editorial. Sticking to black and browns are going to work best for that sexy everyday look.

Q: For someone starting out using makeup, how would you recommend trying new/different products without breaking the bank ?

A: Kiss cosmetics, Black Opal, Fashion Fair which has been relaunched by the awesome Same Fine, and Covergirl. All of these brands can be found in your local beauty supply stores and convenient stores like Walmart, Walgreens etc. These are brands that you will spend less money for yet still get that department store look that you you would spend at Mac, Sephora, etc.

Q: I try to take very good care of my skin, however, I have unwanted hair on the face and then dark spots...? What is a good concealer and how do I get rid of the spots?

A: Try brands like Dermablend or Cover FX, which were developed specifically for coverage of unwanted areas on skin.

Q: Is using foundation without concealer and powder a waste of time? I usually only do the foundation with a brush. I find that layering with the concealers and powder gives me an ashy look even though my foundation is a perfect match.

A: No it's definitely not a waste. I propose try just using concealer and foundation and set with a translucent powder very lightly.

*For a peek at more of Londyn's work, follow him on instagram: LondynJuwelz.

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  1. I sure hate that I missed that Q&A. I stay inside of a very small box as far as makeup is concerned. I would have loved to have asked him for a foundation recommendation. I have not been able to find a perfect match.


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