Jet Life: My Travel Essentials

June 15, 2016

The more I travel, the more decided I am about what I need on my trips to make me most comfortable. Here's my shortlist. 

A clutch for dinner is so necessary. I tend to travel with a tote for everything I collect along the way, but have at times had to use my makeup bag to downsize for dinner; this super slim MK clutch is a perfect option. Here's one similar. 

I love a good hat year-round for style and convenience. I almost always carry one on my jaunts. Here's one similar. 

Being able to catch up on all the movies I've been wanting to see is one of the bonuses of long-distance travel for me, so headphones are always necessary. Marshall's and TJ Maxx always have great options, but here's a pair similar to mine.  

I carry a notebook or journal with me everywhere because I'm always taking notes, always. Poppin has some of the best. 

I take my rest very seriously, but am a light sleeper so every little bit  like this cute kitten sleep mask  helps. Here's one you may like. 

- xMVL

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