A Taste for Su-Shi

March 03, 2011

By Katrice 

Someone asked me, recently, what my favorite shopping purchase is and I answered, without hesitation: handbags. I love them. Always have. Always will. But, you hardly get the full magnitude of how much I live for handbags on MVL. I could literally window shop them every other day, and one designer that has my full attention, at the moment, is  Su-Shi. Their bags are just everything! Su-Shi's handmade designs are boho-chic, rocker, vintage and retro -- a complete mastery of perfected treatments to supple leathers. 

Here's what I'm jonesing for in the Su-Shi Shop

Jane, $185, Jane Python, $228, Eve Satchel, $228

Old Skool Snake Night Blue, $274, Nanette Leo $164, Keling, $187

Vernon Vintage Black, $193, Old Skool L Vintage Brown, $234, Ashley, $173

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  1. That 'working girl' satchel bag is the bizness. I checked out the site, there are some other nice satchel bags on there too. I think that might be the next style I purchase.

  2. I am completely enthralled with their bags and the prices are not bad at all -- especially considering the wonderful craftsmanship.

  3. That "for play" design of animal print with green is AWESOME! I am loving that one.
    S Nicole

  4. Give me Jane and Ashley PLEASE :-).

  5. Why does Old Skool Snake Night Blue have to be $274?!?!?! If I saw a knock off of that, I would have to buy it. I love the color.


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