Not Enough Words

March 31, 2011

By Katrice 

Today is my first full day in Montego Bay, Jamaica and I have literally been walking around the peninsula of the Round Hill Hotel and Villas snapping photos non-stop all day. I am a full two shades darker and feel as if I could possibly have gained about 5 pounds already. But, isn't that what being in paradise is all about? I don't know that I could tell you better than I can show you how it's going down. 

{Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls in Rice Paper}

{I'm wildly obsessed with these lizards.}

{The rooms are designed by Ralph Lauren who also owns two villas here.}


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  1. Lovely! I hope you are able to soak it all up.

  2. Nice pictures! You know, I love lizards too. I find them cute.

  3. Lovely I need to get there like asap! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the pics! When I visit there I definitely didnt enjoy the life of Montego Bay...maybe it was my company. :) But I will have a do over because these pictures inspire me to do so. THANKS!

  5. These pics are so nice, have fun on your trip!

  6. Enjoy every minute of it. Miss you!

  7. Glad you enjoyed your trip, Jamaica is my second home (my boyf is Jamaican), so I know the feeling all too well. Pics are just beautiful :)


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