In the Trenches

March 22, 2011

By Katrice

Have trench coats ever not been in style? I'd have to say, no. They're simply classic. If you have yet to own one, this spring is the perfect time to find one that complements your look. 

Stay or Go Jacket, $65,

Black Military Trench, $32,

Burberry Prorsum Belted Garbardine Trench, $2,495

Tangy Peach Double Storm Flap Trench, $180

Tsumori Chisato Sand Washed Silk Trench, $865

TALLY WEIJL Trench with Puff Shoulders, $71

Urban Luxe Cotton Coat, $340,

Helmut Lang Drapery Trench, $620,

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  1. I really like #1 and #5...and you're right...they are classic!

    -Chymere Hayes

  2. I love number five, as well. It's a nice spin on what we usually see in trench coats.

  3. I'll take the tangy peach and urban luxe cotton PLEASE :-)

  4. I was going to list the ones I like but I love them all. They last one I don't like too much only because I know it wouldn't look right on me lol.

  5. #4 is screaming my name. The color and cut is so DIVINE.........Guess it's time to try to find a trench for the plus size girl. Wish me luck!

  6. ooo I'm with Poppy, I love them all!


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