MVL Radar: ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm

March 17, 2011

By Katrice 

I heard about Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Temple Balm a few months back on friend Lanee's blog and then again more recently when Felicia Leatherwood, of the Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshop, mentioned it on her facebook fanpage. Click the Natural Love link in the bar above and you'll see that I am a dedicated fan of virtually everything by Organic Root Stimulator because my hair has responded well to it since I've been natural. And, it just so happens that I have a pesky spot in the front of my hairline where I believe my hair experienced a bit of trauma some years back. That said, you know, I'm raring to try this temple balm. 

The GOOD news: I found it very easily at the beauty supply store for $10 (Lanee found it at Sally's) and started using it immediately.

The BAD news: I forgot to take a "before" photo. {The one you see here is from today.}

But! Alas, there's more GOOD news: I'm already seen results in what will be two weeks on Saturday.

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  1. So I didn't write the product name down and came across what I thought was the right thing at Target. Of course I came home to realize that I bought some sort of edge control gel by the same company ... BUT I like it :-). It does wonders for taming my edges.

  2. I have the edge control too and I love it. It was a great product to get by accident. : )

  3. I love the temple balm, I barely use it anymore. My edges look great now. And thanks for the shout out :-)


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