Round Hill, Day 2 1/2

April 02, 2011

By Katrice

I've moved beyond my initial "I'm never leaving" reaction to Jamaica. I mean, I still never want to leave but at least I am no longer completely transfixed on every spectacular view of the ocean and can actually tear myself away to respond when I'm spoken to. But, if you've been here ... I know you understand. It's just everything. The weather, the mountains ... the water.

As I left Round Hill in Montego Bay yesterday afternoon for the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, I realized that the parting view is even more spectacular than the first glimpse.

Temps: High 80s. If you have a chance to slough off your lingering winter duds and get away, Jamaica should be top-of-mind. I feel like bikinis in March should be a standard experience. 

Taste: Banana pancakes at Round Hill Hotel and Villas seaside terrace. No syrup necessary. 

Land: Round Hill's organic herb and vegetable garden produces a great deal of the seasonings and vegetables that are used by it's chefs. Believe me, the freshness is evident. 

Retreat: I spent two days in one of the Pineapple House oceanfront rooms at Round Hill, which this time of year go for as low as $495 per night.

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  1. Living Large! "I won't change my life, my life's just fine." :-) *Q

  2. staying at round hill in july this year for a wedding. i can't wait! will try the pancakes, but no syrup? really?!


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