My New Fav Fragrances

January 09, 2011

By Katrice

Sooooo ... I, like a lot of other women, dropped into Victoria's Secret for the semi-annual sale yesterday and I'm so glad I did. I was expecting to pick up a few odds and ends but actually found what I am certain will be the three scents I live in this year. I'm in love (no pun intended). 

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  1. I have always loved victoria secret's perfumes....their body washes are to die for. Especially the scent on Body by Victoria (such a fresh yet girly scent)...Thanks for reminding me of the goldmine in the beauty section of Victoria's Secret.

  2. I used love their lotions and stuff, but all of a sudden everything was too sweet for me. So, I'm very happy to have discovered these scents.


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