Getting Caught Up {In Pictures}

January 30, 2011

By Katrice

I love Sunday afternoons. It's prime time for me to prop my feet up and flip through the magazines I've stacked and pages I've bookmarked online throughout the week. I've been so busy that I have mags from December that I've barely cracked open! It's a good thing fashion news is never old news for me. This weekend: Marie Claire. 

Dreamy hues, bathing suits, wooden accessories... I'm fantasizing about spring. 

{This ethereal color scheme is a must for this summer. December 2010}

{An eclectic mix of fine diamonds and family heirlooms. #Love}

{Rainbow Skulls by M Style Lab, Macy's, $25. January 2011}

{Spotted: Moroccanoil is one of Carrie Underwood's essentials. It really can be used for all hair types.} 

{Mix and Match}

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