On Trend: The Good Old '70s

January 09, 2011

By Katrice

The word vintage has become cliché amongst fashion lovers. Even those of us who don't have a truly vintage style or taste in clothing and accessories loosely to throw the word around when we want to put extra special emphasis on a fabulous find. It has a vintage feel. I'm sure I've said it a time or two. Well, by the look of ad campaigns and the runways, we may all be a little vintage this year. Keeping in step with the re-emerging styles of decades past (including some '80s classics that shouldn't have been recycled), the '70's are back. High waisted trousers and jeans. Check. Fur. Check. Hot pants. Check. Thigh high boots ... you get where I'm going. So, if you enjoy thrift and consignment store shopping, you'll be on trend with very little effort. Note: This is an even bigger bonus style year for women in the 30's club who've been lucky to snag something fierce of their mother's from her heyday.  

What to Wear

High Waisted Pant (Snazzy belting, even better)

Miss Selfridge High Waisted Jeans, $15

Limi Feu Button Panel Pant, $388

Flirty Blouses (Think, Silk)

Oyster Open Tie Front Shirt, $80

Beyond the Valley Digital Print Blouse, $120

Hugo Boss Silk Ruffle Blouse, $170

 From Boho to Hollywood

Burberry BE Sunglasses, $153

Oliver Peoples Zaya Round-Frame Sunglasses, $375

Prada Petrol Honey Gradient, $360

More than Less (Cocktail Rings, Neat Layers, Medallions and more)

H&M Bangles, $10.75

Flower Tassel Necklace, $300

Janis Savitt Snake Chain and Crystal Necklace, $2,165

Larkspur & Hawk Annabel Ring, $1,150

Silver Hinged Owl Necklace, $15

Vintage Necklace

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  1. Nice post. I have to say I adore Lauren Conrad's style, how does she always get it right?

  2. Thank you. I have always loved her style. I guess that's the California flare.

  3. I love the first pic in this post. It is definitely vintage but current for your fashion age. As a "ample" girl I always find it hard to carry off the vintage look when my options are so limited. Maybe you can help???

  4. Although silk makes me sweat, I love all things bow and ruffle-like! I am also enjoying the sun glass trend for the past few seasons.

  5. I think some high-waisted pants are in my near, near future! Thanks for the belt tip as well.:)


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