Quilted Goodness

January 06, 2011

By Katrice

1. Cream and Black Quilted Bag, Forever 21, $30
2. Marc Jacobs Westside Quilted Tote, brownsfashion.com, $585
4. Marc Jacobs Quilted Shoulder Bag, barneys.com, $1,295
5. Vintage Chanel Duffle Bag, asos.com, $3,026
6. Medium Quiled Tote, houseoffrazer.co.uk, $61

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  1. Ahh, Katie ... I love these bags. Makes me want to pull out my 'vintage' Chanel (probably a knock-off) quilted bag and I also recently purchased one ... I'll send you a pic :-)
    Love ya! *Q

  2. Me too! Love them all. I can't wait to see yours.

  3. Can I have number 2!??? I love the structure, style & color.....three reasons to spend that pretty penny.

  4. I could easily do 2, 6 & 7!!!


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