MVL Style Icon: Diahann Carroll

July 05, 2010

By Katrice 

There is a dimension of style that goes beyond the latest trend. It's the kind of elegance of presence that makes you timelessly relevant. Enter: Diahann Carroll -- Dynasty, 1984. I was just 10 years old, but I committed a certain white one shoulder bejeweled evening gown to memory. She was like royalty. The furs ... the hair ... the lashes ... the posture ... Iconic. 
The jacket alone ... 

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  1. She IS gorgeous and very classy! Reminds me of Diane Keaton, whom I love.

  2. She is completely multi-dimensional yet timeless. I love her elegance, poise & grace of how she even handle the nasty details of hollywood. Thanks Katrice for recognizing her beauty, talent & brains.

  3. LOVE her in White Collar.


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