Look of the Day

July 11, 2010

By Katrice
Cream linen dress, Forever 21
Nude invisible platforms, Forever 21
Cocktail ring, Forever 21
Gold link bracelet, H&M

Get the wild afro look:
Wash hair and follow with a detangling leave-in conditioner
Let hair air dry naturally
When dry, twist in large sections (approx. 20-25 twists), lightly coating each section with Miss Jessie's stretch silkening cream
Let set for three to four hours (or if possible, overnight)
After alloted time, untwist hair and pull the halves of each twist apart for fullness
Be careful not to over-manipulate hair
*For added volume, fill your bathroom with steam while pulling twists apart (for approx. three minutes)

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  1. (STILL) love the hair! 3 more months of micros and look out world here I come :-). Cute ensemble.

  2. Thank you!!! I'll be waiting to see it.

  3. You look awesome! Just the incentive I need to make some changes in my life...

  4. I cannot wait to put these techniques to application once I got thru my "transition" phase. I love your hair Katrice!


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