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July 10, 2010

By Katrice 
Chloe Harper loves for a woman with size issues to become one of her clients. It may sound strange, but it's actually more fundamental -- and you'll get it once you meet her. Harper, the 26-year-old mastermind behind Vitamin C Clothing, designs and makes dresses (sizes 6-24) that you'll want to make staples in your wardrobe. That's always been her aspiration. And I certify it one she can check off the list. Hers is a process rooted in not only understanding body types but honoring them. A refreshing approach yields refreshingly fun and sleek designs. She was gracious enough to allow me into her work space to chat about her line and the story behind its wholesome label.

Chloe, on the name: Before Vitamin C, it was Sha Isithelo, which means fresh fruit in Zulu. But, I knew I had to change it because I want something that people can pronounce and spell. The reference to nutrition came from me wanting my clothes to be something people could consider daily staples [just like fruits and vegetables]. Pieces that will give you a healthy closet.
On the style: I strive for everything to be day to evening. They're washable and comfortable but they can be dressed up, and that's key. I make dresses that can transcend years. I want my line to be one of timeless and necessary pieces. 
On the process and future of Vitamin C: Vitamin C Clothing is a one-woman operation. But, in the next year, I need to have my clothes manufactured. I want to step away from the sewing machine and design a bit more. In five years, I want to have my clothes in at least 30 of the 50 states. I'd love to have a line in Bloomingdales and a cheaper line in Target. Nothing stuffy ... I'm not a stuffy brand. 
On her dream client: I'd love to dress Oprah. I could make her dresses that would be perfect fit to her size and shape. I love that women who have size issues come to me. They come in, initially, saying, I need sleeves; and after a couple dresses they're asking for something sleeveless. I literally see clients leave my shop with their size issues gone.

Find Vitamin C Clothing at Plush Boutique or shop her online boutique. 

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  1. Love, love, LOVE the dresses. I can't tell if its coral or red or orange, but that's my fav. Thanks for always sharing the knowledge on the latest and greatest fashion (and food) finds!

  2. Sabrina, aren't her dresses amazing!!!!? It's coral. Love!

  3. I just scrolled down to also comment on the coral dress. K. Mines, can you use your connections to get her to make us a few! Target price point please. I'd love to be her walking billboard for that one! They are all fab though!

  4. I'm expecting her to be in Target very soon. This, however, is the kind of splurge that is completely justifiable.

  5. I'm just reading this, but i really enjoyed it. Boy I need to meet her!! I hope her clothes hit Target soon!

  6. I read get you vitamin c article, which is very informative and interesting. I refer your blog to many of my friends as well. Thanks for sharing knowledge..


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