Special Treatment

May 07, 2010

By Katrice 

It's official: the Dogwood Restaurant in downtown Atlanta is my new favorite place to dine (at least, this week ... *wink*). A private dinner invite from Gail Johnson and Hester Parks of Wedding Soiree was my introduction to delicious cuisine, cozily chic decor (à la Wedding Soiree) and an evening of sumptuous conversation. What a perfect lead-in to the weekend.

{Hester and Gail}
{Charred Berkshire pork tender loin, Georgia gouda grits, chard, New Orleans bordelaise}
{Can we say closet envy?}
{Chocolate Crème  Brulee}

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  1. Adding it to my list ~ thanks!!! You have new hair! :-). And who is the beautiful woman with the twists (sitting at dining table with white blouse/dress on)? Is the young lady in the pic with you the same from another event photo you posted? LOVE her hair!!!

  2. P.S. May be checking out Wedding Soiree!

  3. Sabrina, you MUST check out Wedding Soiree! They are the best. You will be in love once you see their work. The woman in white actually has curly hair. Beautiful. And yes, that is Myleik Teele from an earlier post with the great hair. smile I had a new afro puff. So surprised that I could do it. smh

  4. Thank you! My hair loves compliments! LOL!

  5. Katrice, I am so proud of you. You look beautiful in every picture I see of you. I tried to do a good job giving you pointer about being a lady, but you have far excelled anything I taught you. You're in "the zone." The Blessed Zone of life. Enjoy!! Be careful, stay focused, always remember to consult God "first"before making all decisions.
    Love your mom

  6. Thanks for attending our soiree - we had a blast!


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