Chic Diversion

April 04, 2010

By Katrice

People ask me all the time if I ever wear anything other than heels. Not too long ago, the answer was "no." That was before I discovered my first pair of ultra chic flats -- red satin ballet flats from Old Navy. (They weren't actually my first pair of flats, but I wish they had been.) They were a fun staple in my wardrobe last summer. I paired them with skinny jeans, white linen capris, army green khaki shorts ... a black a-line skirt and crisp white ruffle blouse. And they are so compact that I could throw them in just about any bag, if I knew I'd be out for a long day. Thanks to Old Navy, those slippers were easily my best purchase of that season. So, I decided to find a few more to change things up a bit for this spring and summer. I'll still be living in my favorite sandals, but I won't feel any less fab when I come down a few inches. 

Old Navy, 19.99

Mossimo for Target, $12.99

Classified, $9.99

Classified, $9.99

Leather clogs, American Eagle, $39.99

Walmart, $9.99

Payless, $12.99

Groove, TJMaxx $12.99

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  1. You are on a roll ~ great post :-). Do they ever hurt your feet??? I bought a few inexpensive pairs and they killed by feet!!! Settled on a pair of JC and one other brand picked up from Plato's Closet.

  2. No, they don't. I am pleasantly surprised myself. I walked around in each one before purchasing because it won't matter that their affordable if they hurt my feet. lol

  3. I dearly Love Flats. I have tons of heels, but there is nothing like a good pair of flat shoes. (Plus I tend to tumble a lot in heels, LOL)


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