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April 27, 2010

By Katrice

If you're like me, your schedule is packed full of the events you want to attend and places you want to be this spring. Warm weather makes every invite and option for outdoor dining more appealing, and you want the selection in your closet to be equally as fantastic. This season is all about standout colors and light-weight supple fabrics. Thank goodness there's no shortage of options on the racks to take you from flirty and feminine to edgy chic and everything in between. Hope you're in the mood for shopping. If you're not, consider this a bit of the legwork. 

Pink Lace Dress, A/wear $66

*The perfect shoe for the Pink lace or Floriana tie waist flared dress
Victoria, Bakers $79.95

Floriana Tie Waist Flared Dress, French Connection $99

Shoulder Peek Printed Dress, Forever 21, $24.80
Schmierer, Aldo $35 
London Stilleto, Alloy.com $29.90 

Contrast Floral Knit Dress, Forever 21, $15.50

Slingerland, Aldo $34.98
Vincy sandal, Alloy.com $29.90

Straight from the Runway
Banana Republic

White silk roll-up shirt
Monogram neutral twig silk satin
Foldover cropped pant
Silver metallic clutch
Grey leather wooden clog

Light dusty pink ruffle shirt
Heritage dusty pink ruffle shirt
Silver multi-chain choker

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  1. Love the pics. Really into all things with ruffles, bows and funky buttons. Venturing into "odd" colored shoes and am trying to get into oversizes accessories (saw a few sets on pp and really like them). I struggle with floral patterns a little ... we'll see :-). Thanks for the post ~ keep 'em coming.

  2. Those buff colored shoes are to DIE for. Have mercy.

    This is great. I can see all of these transitioning from day to evening to night with just a switch of the accessories, and maybe the shoes ... so you gave me some good ideas about what kind of silhouettes and fabrics have that "anytime" look.

    @Sabrina -- hi there! I'm just now getting into florals as well ... that fourth dress, Katrice, (the black and blue one) has a perfect leaf-to-flower ratio!

  3. Hi :-) ... its a work in progress for me. I keep having horrible flashbacks of my mom and her florals!!!! :-)


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