Think Delicate

April 21, 2010

By Katrice

I generally gravitate towards a few trendy pieces of jewelry each summer and I have especially enjoyed the more recent gaudy style of rings and necklaces. It all feels very ornate and bit like playing dress up. But, my overall accessory style tends to  be pretty delicate. I love dainty sterling silver and white gold chains and can be found wearing my stackable eternity ring most days. When I want to update my pieces with a certain theme, Forever21 is always a reliable destination for whatever I'm envisioning. 

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  1. Cute pieces! When you buy costume jewelry, how do you keep it from tarnishing or do you buy it for the season and when its done its done?

  2. I don't expect much of it past the season that I purchase it because the price point is so low. But, mine actually makes it for longer than I expect. But, most of my silver is sterling. So, I only work in a few trend pieces every so often.


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