Good Times at Home

February 04, 2010

By Katrice
It's raining in Atlanta. Woo hoo! I guess I actually should be bummed because I didn't get to be single in the city this evening. But, coupled with the fact that I'm battling a nagging cold -- rainy days make me relish being a "homebody" even more. I find so many interestingly whimsical activities to do around my apartment that, not only are my friends entertained by my tales of adventure, I sometimes have to laugh out loud at myself. So, if you're easily bored when confined to the house or even just looking for ways to liven up your down time, I've got your covered with my 9 Surefire Tips to Being an Intriguing Homebody.

1. Get yourself a hobby. When my mom told me to find a hobby growing up, I thought it was corny and resisted for no real reason that I can think of. But, I've come to appreciate my hobbies as a good distraction from everyday stresses and a perfect outlet for my creative energy. Most times you find something you're good at, that you'd never have known otherwise.

2. Explore your favorite cookbook. This has been on my To-Do list for a while because I have a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook from my grandmother's collection as well as a new one of my own -- B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style. I fancy myself a gourmet cook in the making.

3. Take in a YouTube beauty tutorial. I recently joked with a friend that I needed her to teach me how to put on false eye lashes and she told me to just watch a couple videos on YouTube like she did. Though I'd already tried that, I did learn how to do a smokey eye a couple years ago. So, all was not lost. It's like being in the MAC chair without the $50 makeup lesson price tag.

4. Snuggle up with a good magazine. If you're too busy to read an entire book, magazines are fantastic substitute. My suggestions: Women's Health, Fast Company, O Magazine and InStyle (well, that's my short list. E-mail me for the unabbreviated version.)

5. Catch up with friends and family via Web cam. It's so much more fun than a regular phone call.

6. Journal. Capturing your thoughts and experiences by journaling is a good way to relax, relate, release ... and to chronicle your life. You may just want to look back on the times that make you who you are.

7. Have an Earth Hour. Every so often, I turn the television, lights and music off, light some candles in every room and lay down for an hour of the most peaceful relaxation you can ever imagine. I've been hooked on the concept since March 28, 2009, when the rest of the country paused at 8:30 p.m. to raise awareness about climate change and the threat from rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Atlanta Earth Hour 2009

8. Play dress up. I'm not good with deciding what to wear to work when I get up in the morning. So, I look forward to rummaging through my closet and putting together different ensembles on Sunday evenings -- all in the name of preparing for the week ahead. Mostly, I just like rediscovering and re-coordinating my wardrobe. lol

9. Feed your mind. My friend Kamille turned me on to Google Documentaries and I don't know how I got this far in my inquisitive life not having discovered this wonderful Google accessory. Not only are they entertaining, you feel as if you're growing smarter by the moment.

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