Ailey 2010

February 19, 2010

By Katrice

I always look forward to February because it's when the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater comes to Atlanta. My anticipation for this year's performance was particularly high since learning that it would be dedicated to Judith Jamison's work as the company's creative director and the year of her retirement. They could have spent two hours rolling around the stage to the eclectic mix of soulful music and I would have been riveted. In other words, I'm a fan for life. But what was most memorable about Ailey 2010 for me was that I believe my 3-year-old niece also became a fan last night.

Her mom dressed her pristinely in a pink dress and black patent leather shoes with white bows in her hair. When I met them in the foyer, I could tell that she really didn't understand why we were there, but her eyes were bright with anticipation. We headed to the concession stand and got her set with popcorn, and waited for the doors to open.

Once inside, the rest is history -- for me, at least. Her eyes were so wide in the dark. (She whispered that she was scared.) But, then the music began, and she turned around with a coy smile. She loves music and lives to dance.

At the end of the performance of In/Side, she clapped louder than many of the adults around us. She watched the stage and she watched her two little friends a couple seats over to see their reactions. All the colors, movement, changes in music ... I imagine the show was like one long dream sequence for her. And then there was "Rocka Soul in the Bosom of Abraham."

She clapped and swayed from the start straight through to the reprise as we walked up the aisle. That's how Alvin Ailey is meant to be experienced.

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  1. This is how great minds are formed with the proper input of positive and powerful information and influences. This how great works are generated by inspired little people...Awesome!

  2. Absolutely great, thank God for exposure!!!


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