Last Looks at Winter (Styles)

February 12, 2010

By Katrice

Bloomindales peeking from behind the snow in Atlanta

I was standing in The Loft buying tights and the woman in front of me said she was struggling to find clothes for the remainder of the winter because spring apparel has been put out. (She just moved to Atlanta from Florida.) Although I could see her point about the warm weather clothes in the front of the store, I couldn't help but wonder why she hadn't ventured to the clearance section. It is literally heaven at this time of year. So, I decided to to take a look myself -- just to see what I could find on sale.

Considerate it my little gift to you.

First stop, Target.

Exhiliration sheer paisley dress $12.98

In white flowers (Luv this one!)

Exhiliration black tank with beaded necklaces attached $8.98

This is the time to buy party dresses!!!
Rodarte for Target crepe-silk blend dress with tulle

The Limited

Gray tweed. It was so fun and classic.



A great little sheer top to wear with a skirt or jeans
Welcome to Macy's! This sale made me want to start calling everyone I know.

Just about everything I touched was $4.99!

OMG! This little dress has a pink satin bottom with a black lace overlay. $4.99!!!

Brown fur vest

Simple at the top but flirty red and black tapestry at the bottom. Soooo cute.

Just in case someone doesn't have enough skinny jeans.
Forever 21!


Three-tiered lace mini skirt. It's sooooo lush. $8.99



This sweater stopped me in my tracks! Nude, black and white with beading around the collar and sheer ruffles at the waist and cuffs. $8.99!!!!

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  1. Ummm, Katrice, I would like to know what kind of damage you did. I noticed the backgrounds started changing from the store you what looks like the inards of your home! LOL! GREAT deals, you make me want to shop. GEESH. 4.99...just ridiculous!

  2. Great picks!!!! Do you use magazines as your "guide" or just your natural instinct??? I am so "in the box" but would like to be more creative with my wardrobe.

  3. I am influenced by what I see everywhere from the magazines I look at to my friends. I love to see people dress who aren't afraid to mix things up with color. That has been my challenge to myself this year. Now, I can hardly stand to wear anything too streamlined.


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