Tibi Essentials: Fall 2010

February 25, 2010

By Katrice 

Every fashion lover dreams of being invited to New York Fashion Week. I actually sometimes wonder how I ended up in a field that doesn't somehow revolve around fashion, and why I'm not in NYC and London every year! Nevertheless, being able to catch a few designers' shows streaming online this year and others on YouTube makes up for it just enough to tide me over -- until I am there in person. And in the meantime a few of my favorites allow me a first-hand preview of their pieces; one of which is Tibi founder Amy Smilovic. 

Smilovic's designs are a breath of fresh air for women like me who want to be distinguishably classic. It's the best of both worlds. Think: glamour meets comfort.

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  1. Nice for fabu ladies such as yourself.

  2. I'm getting some good ideas from the first two ensembles... that grey long sleeve blouse-under dress look is hot! Seems like it would be a good summer to fall transition look. Love the brown tights ... I think I'm going to wear mine all weekend. LOL.


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