I love the city lights

January 28, 2010

By Katrice

How can you go wrong with Chaka Khan? Well, in my mind, you can't. That's the thing about music-inspired nostalgia. Though I'm sure my experience with Chaka Khan was in the latter part of her peak years ... something about being greeted by "I Feel for You" last night at Sweet Auburn Bistro made me instantly giddy. (What can I say? I grew up glued to VH1.)

I don't know if I wanted to pocket the deejay or just commit to dining there every Thursday indefinitely. Actually, I've had two random thoughts already today about going back tonight. I digress ... It was ideal for our TGIT venture out into the city, to say the least. The crowd looked like us -- urban professionals winding down a long week. The food was a-ma-zing (especially considering that I reheated half of my hamburger for lunch today and still savored every bite). Our server Nicole was ubiquitous. And valet was just $5.

After dinner conversation: the best entertainers of our generation. Priceless.

Anyone want to go back tonight?

Bar seating

Fried green tomatoes

The restaurant walls are line with beautiful paintings, for sale.

Reminds me of the one next to our table at Rare.

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