A Few of My Favorite Things

January 27, 2010

By Katrice

One of the best things about launching my blog along with my vicarious life experiment has been coordinating my MVL wardrobe. I was talking to a friend recently and she said she'd be looking forward to seeing some of my fab shopping finds. Even while I tried convincing her that I wouldn't be focusing on those escapades here, I was wondering ... how could I not? LOL Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to shop -- from Bloomingdales to Value Village. I'm a purse horse ... in desperate need of a wardrobe-size jewelry bureau .... and I've recently developed an intense love for shoes. (As if I needed another obsession, and the heels just keep getting higher and higher.) Sounds like someone in need of a shopping intervention, right? Well, my saving grace is that I'm a frugal fashionista! And I can teach anyone how to build a catch-all wardrobe on a dime.

Here are a few of my recent treasure finds.

I generally work a velvet blazer into my winter wardrobe every year, and I have been looking for one in burgundy for two seasons. I found this -- I call it my Christmas Miracle -- on my first visit to Value Village in December for $3.92.

A good variety of accessories is a must!
(Silver pearls, Target $1.99; Gray Granite Cocktail Ring, Banana Republic $29; Vintage Silver and Gold earrings, Alexis Suitcase $2.99; Gold Statement Necklace, Forever 21 $6.80; Heart studs, Payless $4; Gold Cocktail ring, Banana Republic $16; Gold Owl Ring w/jewel eyes, Forever 21 $4.80; Gawdy Silver Cocktail Ring, The Avenue $10; Pink Antique Earrings, Forever 21 $4.80)

I couldn't resist! Bronze Sequins Hobo by Kenneth Cole

You're not completely "ready" without your scent essentials
Victoria's Secret Coconutty double body mist (It smells delicious, and not too sweet!)

Nine West Booties

"The" Yves Saint Laurent blazer, Value Village $4.92

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  1. Okay, so Ms. Mines never ceases to amaze me ... I am enamored by your beauty and your giftedness.
    Love you!

  2. I am right there with you on the jewelry! My goodness, it was difficult! But I think I finally have it all sorted out. Of course, it wont stay that way. But at least now everything has its place. Love those pink earrings. Sorry, but I will have to look for those online:-) And, yes! Dont sleep on Payless jewelry! I have found some nice things there as well. I used to sell jewelry doing home parties for Lia Sophia. I got so many goodies doing that. As soon as the economy turns around, I'm back in!

  3. Will check out Payless .. guess I was sleeping on them as well. Friend just started doing jewelry parties so I am investing in a few (okay a little more than a few :-) ) pieces.


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