5 Essentials to being easily fabulous

January 19, 2010

By Katrice

1. An experienced cobbler
This is first because it is an essential that is often overlooked by young women. We simply underestimate the potential longevity of our shoes. Of course, if you love heels (like me), you put a lot of wear and tear on your favorite pairs. They're your favorites for a reason and you can keep them forever -- well, forever in terms of fashion -- if you have them professionally maintained. And if it's an exceptional cobbler, they'll be able to mend your purses as well.

2. A master tailor
I would guess that your grandmother had one, and there's a good chance that your mom also has a tailor that she trusts to alter her attire for a better fit. You should too. Not only can they work wonders for sizing imperfections on your dressy clothes; a real tailor can give an old dress a second life and even make a pair of jeans better than new.

3. A relationship manicurist and eyebrow tech
Most people don't chair hop for their hair, but don't mind doing so for manicures and eye brow shaping. I always suggest building a relationship with one manicurist and eye brow tech as well. The only way to know that your hands and eyebrows will look just like you like them every time is to take away the risk of the "trial" service.

4. A consignment shop for your buying and selling needs
We all have clothes that are either no longer our style or no longer our size. I am a big fan of donating to The Goodwill. However, some of the things you want to get rid of can make you a little change at the same time. And you can do a some treasure shopping while their determining whether they want to accept your items for sale. Ahhh, it's the best of both worlds.

5. A standby makeup artist
I don't generally need a professional makeup artist for my everyday activities. But, knowing someone who can give you an instant faceover for special events is a must. Whether you want a perfect smoky eye, long fluttery lashes or the quintessential red lip, a professional who will be your "go-to" is not hard to find. (Many makeup counter artists freelance on the side.)

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  1. Thank you, you made alot of valid points. I for one do need to find a taylor cause i always think i can fix everything. If something needs mending i'll mend it, but you did make a point about things that ago out of style can be basically brought back to life by a taylor (so true). Also about the manicure and eyebrows. I will be getting those things done more consistently due to somethings i'm going to be doing more this year as far as my music, but i never thought of the need of sticking with one person. Due to the fact that i'm not as consistent with getting those things done. I do my one manicures from time to time unless i am doing something special. As far as my eyebrows i get them done sometimes, but they don't grow back that fast so i don't bother them and they don't bother me. lol i call it luck. Thanks for the tips i learned a few things.


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