Instant Style: Keep a Hat In Mind

July 23, 2019

When I decided to let my hair grow back late last year, it was simply because I missed my afro. People have been asking what I intend to do with it and my response is so basic: Wear an afro (LOL). Nevertheless, I thought that it would take a lot longer for it to get to the length it is now (my last hair cut was just about 8 months ago). I was expecting it to take at least a year and a half. But, it grew to nearly the length it was before I cut my original chunky fro four years ago; and of all summers, this is the hottest one we've had since the first year I moved to Atlanta. I love the thought of protective style braids or twists but as soon as I get them, I can't enjoy the style long because of my scalp's sensitivity. So, I leave it in twists a lot which works well to keep it from being stressed and with my love for hats and turbans.

No matter what I'm doing whether going to work, church or exercise, I like to look at least presentable, but really to be well considered. I always think  I never know who I may meet along the way. So, here are a few tips I employ for making any head covering work on the fly. 

Baseball Caps | I thought I'd have to give up my ball caps without a cropped cut, but discovered a way that I love to wear them with longer hair. If my style is sporty, I loosen my cap to expose my hair just a bit and soften my look. (Tip: Baseball caps look the best when you take care with the areas of your hair that are exposed whether just your edges or a few strands.)

Panama Hats | For a lazy afternoon, a Panama hat is almost always my go-to. I have to twist my hair for it to fit under the hat, but I take down the twists around the perimeter of my head so that I can pin it up for an organized messy look.

Turbans | I either two-strand twist or plait my hair in medium sized sections, and then tie a satin scarf on it to flatten it and protect it from being dried out by the turban material. I tie turban on it  sometimes exposing my edges, sometimes not. This is a great option because I can dress it all the way up or down.

Fedoras | I love love wide-brim fedoras. No matter what I'm wearing, they are the perfect option for finishing off a look precisely. I generally like to hide all of my hair under a fedora for a classic effect. So, I pin my twists back tightly, so the finished presentation is clean.

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  1. Love it! Where do you get your fedoras and flat brimmed hats from?

    1. Thanks! Most often, Forever 21 and Lack of Color.


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