In the Moment

July 16, 2019

Last night at 10:31 p.m., in the midst of insane sleepiness (this is when I'm hyper determined to get through the many many articles I've bookmarked throughout the day) and I think a solid bout of heat exhaustion from my walk a couple hours earlier, I realized I was lying in bed reading with a huge smile on my face. My mind wasn't settled on any particular thought. I think I'd possibly just read a passage that left me amused. But, sort of abruptly, I noted that my mind wasn't on anything specific but that I was just present in that moment. I think that's when contentment is most concentrated ... For me, these moments are so much more prevalent because of my daily walks. When we forget everything that is outside of our control and not essential to the moment we are in. Sometimes the very best minutes in our day happen when we shoo away the thought of every to-do, wish or anxiety we pull forward or backward into the present that has nothing to do with that very moment. 

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