DIY: The Cutest Babe Top

July 05, 2019

A few days ago, a perfect babe top and skirt combo came down my IG timeline in an ad. I was immediately obsessed. I have similar tops that have a bit more structure with straps, but I kept thinking about the relaxed strapless look I saw. My favorite summer style has a far flung, feminine, resort feel. So I set out recreate the top with one of my gauzy scarves. I put my hand on this fabulous, vibrant wrap by It's Me Ashli first, though, and well ... yeah... I love it.

Recreate the Look // Any scarf with a bit of oblong length (even if you have to fold it in half to make it oblong). and material that can be spread will work. Over a bandeu or strapless bra, tie the scarf in a knot in the center of your breasts (a double knot isn't necessary, unless preferred). With the two tails hanging down the center of your stomach, bring one tail up through the bottom of the tied area in the center of your chest and pull up and over. Then, pull the other tail down over and through the center tied area. At this point, if the scarf is long, you can play with how you make the final knot or let the tails hang loose as I did. Lastly, spread the scarf fabric out as necessary round top and bottom of each bra cup and tuck it to secure it. 

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