The View from Below

April 07, 2012

By Katrice

 Balenciaga | $399.99

Givenchy | $1099.99

Miu Miu | $1499.99

Prada | $289

TJ Maxx has long been among my favorite places to shop. When I lived in Ohio, it was a goldmine even before carrying high-end designers. What I could stumble upon there today, however, never ceases to amaze me. Their high-end luxury at a fraction of the cost maxim is more true with each new shipment. 

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  1. TJ Maxx is killing it! I seen a Fendi bag for $800 it finally went on sale. I watched it for weeks. When that tag said $300 I scooped it lol! Still hunting for a Celine in there

  2. Ok what TJ Maxx are you shopping at? I've never seen anything of that caliber in our local TJ Maxxs. I may need to take a drive to the Boca area. Those Balenciaga heels are stunning.

    Vonae Deyshawn

  3. WOW...that first shoe by Balenciaga - could easily be my obsession.

  4. Wow, that kind of selection you normally only see in NYC. Basically MIchael Kors/Coach prices for These gems! Watch those prices girl! If they go down, take it!

  5. UGH! Everyone else's TJ Maxx carries such high-end things for a fraction of the cost. That store Saucy Glossie does her commercial in? Mine has never look like that! or yours, either! Color me jealous.


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