Inspiration Found: Blair Ritchey

April 02, 2012

By Katrice

Blair Ritchey's clutches are so lovely that they actually leave you nearly speechless. So, I'll just describe them in three words: Simplistic. Functional. Luxury. 

Lulu Clutch {Assorted Colors} | $135.00 - $165.00

Lulu Foldover Lambskin {Assorted Colors} | $200.00 - $225.00

Lulu Foldover Suede {Assorted Colors} | $200.00

Mini Lulu {Leopard} | $85.00

Mini Lulu {Assorted Colors} | $65.00 -$85.00

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  1. Me too. I love everything on her site.

  2. I will take one of each!!!! The cobalt blue has my name written all over it!!!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful post, Katrice :) It makes me smile ear to ear when I stumble upon kind words about my line. Great blog!
    Blair xo


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